Standards and safety

Technical and sanitary safety is especially import ant for us, as it allows us to create good conditions for full creativity and family fun. Our team ensures everyday correct functioning of Family Park.

Play in Family Park is safe thanks to the team of technical specialists, who perform everyday checks of devices through their visual inspections and functional controls allowing to prepare a detailed evaluation of each device. Each year, Family Park undergoes the process of technical accreditation by an authorized specialist, who inspects all devices and documentation in the park in order to issue a certificate, which serves as basis for running the Park. Family Park holds a valid technical certificate no. 56/JB/15 issued by SIMP [Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Polskich, en. Polish Engineers and Technicians Association] no. 8848 and SRTUR assessor (UDT [Urząd Dozoru Technicznego, en. Technical Supervision Office] certificate no. 00-14-63/04 and K/03/00047/02). You can see the content of the certificate in the reception before entering the Park.

Our trained personnel ensures sanitary safety by performing daily disinfection in accordance with set standards. We have our own washing and disinfection device for balls used in ball pools in the Park.

Safe play is the way

A safe play centre is very important. However, the awareness that the place you are in is safe is not enough. Proper behaviour is also a necessity. Please, find below some suggestions and guidelines for parents on how to play safely with your child:

  • Observe your children and play with them, but, most importantly, have them always in sight. Remember that even a three-year-old may not be able to foresee the consequences of his or her behaviour.
  • Be cautious when you are moving between the attractions. Explain to your children that in order to avoid the risk of being hit, it is not allowed to enter e.g. a car track when there are other children using it, or a slide when other kids are sliding.
  • When going to the Park, dress you children in clothes without long strings, which could get entangled into some devices and pose a threat.
  • If your children have problems with entering some attractions, e.g. with climbing the ladder, it may indicate that such attraction is suited for older children. Some obstacles in accessing the attractions are intentional, so, please, do not help your children enter any device and choose only such attractions which are appropriate to their age and abilities.
  • Children should not eat when they are playing. When your little ones are hungry or thirsty, ask them to sit for while with you, and let them continue playing when they finish eating or drinking.
  • Safeguard your children when they are passing through some obstacles in a multi-storey labyrinth.
  • Explain to your children that when they are sliding through pipes or using slides, they should be lying on their back, with their hands crossed on the chest.
  • Before your children start playing, ask the animator for some instructions for playing on a specific attraction.